Tupelo Officials Delay Vote On E-cigarette Ban – Fox13 News, Whbq Fox 13

Smoking keeps declining; look who’s still lighting up | Minnesota Public Radio News

(AP) – Tupelo City Council President Mike Bryan has pushed for months to discuss expanding the city’s public smoking ban to include the electronic devices used to deliver nicotine and other chemicals as an alternative to smoking actual cigarettes. The Northeast Mississippi Daily Journal reports city officials agreed Tuesday to wait longer on making any decision regarding e-cigarettes. The council wants to receive feedback from physicians, health advocates and others prior to voting whether to ban the habit in public.
original: http://www.myfoxmemphis.com/story/26154323/tupelo-officials-delay-vote-on-e-cigarette-ban

The Midwest, where Sheila Martin lives, has a higher smoking rate than other areas and nearly double the rate in the West. “My parents smoked when I was growing up,” click here. Martin says. “I didn’t know anyone whose parents didn’t smoke.” Martin owns a tavern in Hutchinson, Kan., which still permits smoking it was grandfathered in under a state smoking ban. And Martin wants very much to keep it that way. “In a country where people have the right to assemble, you know, as long as tobacco is sold and sanctioned by the government, and they’re making a lot of money on it, people ought to be allowed to choose,” she says.
citation: http://www.mprnews.org/story/2014/08/01/smoking-keeps-declining?refid=0

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