Attorneys General Want Flavored E-cigarette Ban – Yahoo News

(AP) — Attorneys general from more than two dozen states want federal regulators to impose restrictions on electronic cigarettes, including a ban on the more than 7,000 flavors now available. In a letter Friday to the Food and Drug Administration, they say limits on advertising and prohibiting flavors besides tobacco and menthol will help protect minors. New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman says that while they contain no tobacco, e-cigarettes have all the same addictive qualities as regular cigarettes.

Recent Study from a Tobacco State Paints E-Cigarettes in Favorable Light | Charlottesville Legal Examiner | Charlottesville Virginia Personal Injury Lawyer

And, while many of the proponents of e-cigarettes say e-cigs are mainly for tobacco users who are trying to quit, as discussed in earlier articles, the CDC is reporting a significant increase in sales and use of e-cigarettes among middle-schoolers and teens. According to the CDC , altogether, in 2012 more than 1.78 million middle and high school students nationwide hadtried e-cigarettes. What might be considered a small health risk for a tobacco-addicted adult is not the same for children as young as 10 years of age who are inhaling nicotine-laced products, which are known to contain the same chemicals found in antifreeze. Last month the American Medical Association asked for tighter restrictions on the sale and marketing of e-cigarettes. The AMAs recommendations include a minimum age of purchase; childproof packaging; restrictions on flavors that appeal to young people, and a ban on unsupported claims that the devices help people quit smoking . Lets not necessarily view this most recent study as a sign that e-cigarettes are safe. Perhaps they are safer than traditional, v2 electronic cigarette coupon code tobacco cigarettes, and perhaps they help cigarette smokers quit smoking, but classifying e-cigs as safe may be a bit premature. The FDA can use this one piece of data as it gets an overall, broad picture of the uses and risks of e-cigarettes.
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